Vienna whining

Discovery of the week: that Murphy’s law is a valid and potent force in the universe had been confirmed empirically this weekend. My mother, who dropped in for a brisk visit, had the flight to and from Vienna (it was 3 times cheaper than flights to Prague), so we have decided to use the weekend and go strolling in Vienna two days before her departure. My previous trips to the city have been nothing but wonderful. I even owe the birth of this blog to my previous visit to the Austrian capital, so we have enthusiastically set off on the road. And that’s where it all began…

At first, we were delighted to occupy the front seats on the bus – they provide most space and are the warmest. Behind us sat a Vietnamese man. Behind him sat another Vietnamese man… The both of them have had something like 1h long pause in their otherwise on-going, loud conversation across the rows… They began when we were stuck in traffic for an extra hour on the D1 exit from the city and that was the end of the peace on the bus. The one right behind us had to crook his head to talk to the guy behind him. The guy behind was hanging on the chairs the whole way. At least one can seek comfort in assuming that one’d get a major neck-ache and the other’s hands would be sore… That they actually had an option to sit together didn’t occur to them in those 5 hours… True, they had some luggage with them that had been placed on the seats next to them, but placing the luggage on two seats in front of themselves and sitting together, anyone?…

But that was just the beginning, of course…

The booking site of Eurolines buses for some strange reason allows to choose the option of arrival to the Vienna airport. The reality differs, for Eurolines buses only have a station at the bus terminal in the city, where we have arrived to. Thus, together with the driver, we had to run to another bus destined to Bratislava that stopped at the airport on the way. The bus was full of Italian guys. One of them got extremely upset that the bus was departing 25 minutes later (our bus driver, while en-route, called the one going to Bratislava to wait for him and passengers. As we understood, he lives in Bratislava and that was the last bus going there). Initially I presumed they needed the airport and were in a hurry. The brisk verbal exchange between the upset guy and our bus driver almost turned into a fist-fight, but 5 other guys rushed to the front of the bus and stopped the madness.

Once at the airport, we counted on a free shuttle to the hotel, as advertised on the booking website. There was a shuttle, but it wasn’t free. Neither was there anything available to eat at the hotel at this time, despite the description including 24h food facilities. We had some of our own food with us though, luckily, so dinner was sorted and we finally could rest. If you’re wondering why we were staying near the airport – my mom’s flight was early in the morning on Sunday and staying elsewhere would have meant getting up several hours ahead and dragging the suitcase around…

The night was in its prime and the sleep was sound… That is, up until the baby came into the picture… Somewhere in our wing or on our floor was a baby. Babies, as is a known fact, cry at random times. In a sense, that would not have been a problem if the baby cried. Except, THIS particular baby didn’t cry – it SCREAMED. It screamed as if it had been put onto a frying pan! I’ve heard a fair deal of crying babies and I was really concerned about this one’s well-being, so I hope it was fine and just had a very peculiar manner of crying. Nevertheless, the baby repeated the screaming a few times at random throughout the night, sort of sending the dreams of a solid night’s rest down the drain.

On Saturday we walked around the city. We started off by discovering that it wasn’t the battery that died in my mom’s favorite watch but the mechanism itself, proceeded to a dinner at the Chinese restaurant, walked through the city center and finally closed the stroll by eating the Sacher cake yet again. Of course one can buy a whole cake at the store, but it’s hard to eat the entire thing in just a few days of its lifespan and the ambience of having had one at the original Sacher hotel would be lost, too. Besides, it makes for a funky tradition :).

This is where we split. I went to a friend’s birthday party and mom went back to the hotel to pack. At the party, I helped tie the balloons and pretty much single-handedly made a mega d.i.y. twister – see below.

Probably the hardest part was cutting out the fabric circles with extremely dull scissors…

My hands were covered in glue, but the good thing about it was that it wasn’t super glue, so I got it off of my hands pretty easily. On the other hand. I still have some fabric glue on my jeans…

Twister-making: the original (to my right) and the d.i.y. version 🙂

However, as the fortune has it, I had no chance to ever try the game out. I only had the time for the live music and a dance.

Shortly after, I needed to catch a train to the airport and the last one was leaving before midnight, which is when the party was really starting…

Of course, expecting a smooth journey back was a mistake. The last train simply never came at all, although it was marked on the schedule. I’ve gotten to Wien Mitte instead and had to take a taxi, which was an unpreviewed expense… The option of going back to the party was there, too, but I was very tired and I also had to sort out a few final things with mom…

Once at the hotel and done with everything, I was really looking forward to a good night’s sleep… Unfortunately, the Vietnamese people (not the two guys from the bus 🙂 ) that inhabited the hotel didn’t think it was a great idea to let people sleep at night. Around 3:30 in the morning there began loud rolling of suitcases, loud conversations in the hall, loud laughter. First I thought some party people were drunk coming back to the hotel and having a buzzed-out laugh.

My level of noise tolerance is pretty high – we have neighbors with little kids right upstairs where I live, but everything has its limits. When 1.5 hours later the ceaseless loud chatter outside had still been at full volume, I finally got up off the bed, opened the door to see the Vietnamese (I can tell Vietnamese language apart, in case you’re wondering how I’m so sure about that 🙂 ) inhabitants talk to each other loudly from one end of the hall to the opposite end, some standing talking to someone with doors open and similarly respectful behavior. They acted as if they were the only living humans in the entire universe! With all due respect, but other people have just the same paid the same money (or more, as I’m sure they got a group discount rate) to get some rest. Some people, like the man we shared the shuttle ride with upon arrival, travel for more than 24 hours, have maybe 5 hours at most to rest and then another flight. Some people have children with them. Being so bleeping loud at any hotel at all, let alone at an airport hotel, is beyond any notion of inconsiderate! If they wanted to talk, they could do it behind closed doors, for crying out loud. I was so pissed off I point blank told them to “shut the fuck up”. I doubt they understood the English, but they must’ve gotten the tone. I had to get out twice more in those 5 minutes, but that made them finally lower down their voices.

However, due to time change, it was already around 5.30am and our wake-up time was 7am…. a.k.a. ‘completely sleepless night’.

At 7 we pumped up on the coffee and mom set off to the airport. I showered, packed my stuff and went to offer the house-cleaning services to the b-day party host. The three of us there did the dishes and some emergency cleaning, which occupied us till around 3pm, and then I had to go to catch the bus back.

It is Monday now and the weekend is over. I just hope that Murphy’s law is no longer valid – it’s a different week and a different country :).

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