Berlin 2009 – East Side Gallery

Politics is the continuation of war by other means. We are all their aim.

No man’s land

I’m not too sure if this is correct, but I think it says “we have tried to color the wall. We’re about to give up”.

The reverse side of the Wall is also covered with painting, albeit not of the same size/quality as the averse side.

The other side of the Wall…

Perseverance of ignorance

Love, don’t forget me!

I love you, life. In Russian it is a line from a very popular song of the previous generation.

Top (visible section): war and peace, life and heaven. Center: freedom

USSR. Gagarin (the famous Russian Astronaut – 1st man in space). Vysotsky (an extremely influential Soviet poet, songwriter, singer and actor who marked his own era)

Middle: Unity. Preserving nature. Joy. Music. Joy (in Russian). Happiness.
Below-left: There was a wall between the worlds.
The above is already history!

Leave to grow.
Below: please water!

Everything is open

Diagonal solution to the problems

Probably one of the most iconic pieces of art on the Wall. It says “god please help me survive amidst this deadly love”. The image captures a very peculiar habit of Soviet Leaders to lip-kiss one another as a greeting.

You have learned what is called freedom and you shall never forget

Note the German eagle silhouette on the globe

The Berlin Wall is separated by a normal width sidewalk from a very busy street, so it is, unfortunately, impossible during the day to step back far enough to take a picture of an entire painting at once for the larger pieces without obstructing traffic…

Plus I don’t know how to mend together panoramic pictures… 😀 Not to mention that even if I could, I probably couldn’t be bothered…

Fatherland… Interestingly enough, Hitler, unlike the rest of Germans, called Germany ‘motherland’.

Because all the artwork is right out in the open, it is, obviously, exposed to the elements and colors fade over time. Luckily, when I got there the Wall had been recently retouched and the colors freshened up. Here is one piece still undergoing the process.

And here is the man working on it

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