Anti-Valentine’s day trip to Italy, 2008. Bologna.

One time a CouchSurfing friend of mine suggested to go for an Erasmus Valentine’s day party in Bologna… The tickets were cheap, so was the stay, and in the anti-v-day spirit, I said “definitely yes!”. This is how it went (scroll down to see the slideshow):

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After that day, a couple of more days of stay at the place were coming up. However, I was already bored out of my wits, and hanging out with students whose only interest seemed to have been getting wasted (including the actual V-day party we had gone to two days prior to the ‘city tour’) at all times was not exactly my idea of a great holiday. Therefore, I called a friend of mine from Milan, who decided to come pick me up by car and drive around some other places instead. The following Italy albums are from the resulting escape trip :).

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A cocktail of personality traits hard to digest for some but ultimately soothing for those who can. I observe, enjoy, travel, interact, photograph, dance, contemplate, write and love my way through this life's countless occurrences. This blog is a way to share with the world and its people some of the treasures they give me every day.
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