Anti-Valentine’s day trip to Italy, 2008. Lerici and Milan

The next destination on the map carried the nickname of “the bay of poets”. The little town Lerici apparently hosted a bunch of creative people’s retreats and was one of their favorite places to visit for inspiration.

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This was pretty much the end of the trip to Italy… The night fell quickly, and the next morning I met my incredibly tired and hungover original travel pal at the airport. He said I didn’t miss anything besides a couple of boring days and a lot of drinking, so I was incredibly happy I got a chance to discover a bit more of Italy!

While this wasn’t my first trip to the country, it was definitely the most memorable. We drove through Northern Italy with my parents when I was younger, all the way to Venice (this was prior to me owning a digital camera, so I’m guessing I’m bound to go back for more shots and maybe scanning the few analogue pictures we took) once, through the Alps (that was also an amazingly beautiful road!). We stayed at a small pension in Vittorio Venetto – a lovely village North of Venice, as anything nearby was meta expensive – with great owners, a mountain river, clear air and no choking heat. We went to Venice in the evening to avoid the heat, only to find out everything there closes at around 8pm (rather stupid decision in a meta-tourist destination… unless it changed now). That included McDonald’s and public toilets, by the way. Out of the two cafes we discovered open past 9pm, only one had bathrooms… You can guess where we had our coffees :).

I also went to San Remo for a day on the beach with a bunch of people from the summer language school in Nice (we thought going much closer for a sandy beach – say, to Cannes – was not kosher enough…). We dutifully ate pasta at probably the ONLY restaurant in the entire city not closed for siesta, spent a day swimming and tanning and went back to Nice…

I had other trips to Italy later on (albums coming up), but I don’t think any can match this one so far :).

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