Israel and Jordan 2007: Dead Sea and the living history.


Story of ‘divine providence’ or the virtues of being late. When it was time to leave the Dead Sea, we lost each other with my mom and it took a while to get onto the bus. Everyone was upset, especially since the driver asked us to be on time, as he had to pick another group up somewhere after returning us to Eilat in the evening. Then we had all been taken to the store with local produce. My mom and I were the last in the line and took a little while to pay, which caused another near-riot in the bus, since we delayed our planned departure by roughly 20 minutes in total. On our way back, about 20 minutes into the trip, we passed a pretty major road accident involving a bus and several cars. The bus’s front window was shattered, people were getting out of the bus, and the ambulance arrived at the same time as we did. From the looks of it and the fact that the nearest settlement from where an ambulance could arrive was not closer than 20-30 minutes, chances were that had we left on time, we could have ended up as direct participants of this mess, and two buses meeting up on one-lane road would not be pretty at all…

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